My Name is Upendo Hero and I am from Nairobi, Kenya. I am a public space superhero reclaiming our spaces with the most potent power; the power of love. I am coming to Berlin to launch the love-revolution by making a film documentary about your town, and I need your help.

I have heard that Berlin is populated by the strongest tribes in Europe. My people tell me your public spaces are active. What better place to start to turn the tide on the dark energies of privatization and gentrification? We need to take back the spaces of the world that are ours. We unite, we form strength in numbers and we tell the world; ‘NO PUBLIC SPACE, NO LOVE’.

On November 15th I am coming to Berlin to see these public spaces with my own eyes, to build our movement and to work with you. With me I bring 6 members of the infamous Ukoo Flani clan, and 4 international secret agents. Theese people are my heroes and have formidable talent, but in the unfamiliar territory of Berlin we need your help.

We need you to show us these public spaces. We want to learn from you. How do you activate these spaces and make them your own? How do you explore them and find their limits? How do you praise them and rejoice in the pure love of space which belongs to every one of us? Teach us how to do this and we will preach these lessons on our global pilgrimage.

If you think you are ready for this, please send us word to our Headquarters in Nairobi, disguised as a shady CBO called Urban Mirror

As with any mission you need to meet some criteria:

  • If you are an artist, send us a proposal about a public art project you would like to develop with me (Upendo Hero) and my team (6 Ukoo Flani)
  • Explain to us why you think this performance/action/intervention should be part of our mission in Berlin
  • If you are a musician, send us a proposal about a song, a rhyme, a beat, to trigger the ‘public space anthem’ which Ukoo Flani, our public-space angels can use to spread the gospel.
  • Seven of the best public art proposals and one song will be selected by the public-space oracle who needs to know by OCTOBER 31th 2010.
  • Part of my secret agents will document our mission, to help further this gospel. What we film will also be public space and if you are chosen among the seven Berlin public space soldiers, of course these materials will become yours as well.  To know more about Urban Mirror, Ukoo Flani and myself, please visit these links

Upendo Hero night transformation in Urban Hero

Upendo Hero in the slum of Kibera – Nairobi Train Mission

Ukoo-Flani in Maskaniflani film documentary