About Twende Berlin

After the success of Maskaniflani, a participatory documentary and a music video about public art and public space in Kenya, the hiphop group ‘Ukooflani’ started to develop different projects to explore the urban space that they inhabit, using music and art. The Goethe Institut of Nairobi started to involve them in different activities to promote Kenyan Art at both a national and an international level.

A big opportunity  came when they were involved in BLNRB, a year-long collaborative project working with musicians from Nairobi and Berlin. They now have the chance to go to Berlin and not only perform in one of the iconic venues of the city, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, but also to explore the meaning of public space and public art in the European capital  of contemporary culture. The music group, composed of 6 members, aged between 27 and 30 comes from the coastal city of Mombasa and most of them will travel out of the country for the first time.

The social issue on which the documentary will focus is the importance of public space and public art in contemporary society. Ukoo Flani will explore the city of Berlin interacting with local citizens and artists. The documentary will be a trip into the public space and public art scene in Berlin. They will interview different types of people and ask them how they define public space and what is the most typical public space in Berlin. They will record a song and make a music video about public space in the German capital involving a group of local electronic musicians. The documentary will end with a public art performance, like Maskaniflani.

Twende Berlin is an occasion for both: European and African. We can finally both twist and subvert stereotypes and become ourselves an object of social and cultural investigation, to discover ourselves again in the eyes of a group of African artists.

Visual Approach

Twende Berlin is an experimental project, the visual approach will be “schizophrenic” and “incoherent”. We will pass from a classical documentary style to a music video style to a TV news style to a travel documentary style, to finally degenerate into a fiction and art performance style.  We will totally play with styles and make fun of all approaches, we will be provocative, stupid, funny and intelligent at the same time. At least we will try.











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